PA Jeeps 16th Annual All Breeds Jeep Show 2011

Once again the folks of the PA Jeeps Club pulled off a spectactular show for the 16th time at the York Fairgrounds in York, PA. The weather was great and weekend started off cooler then usual which was a relief but buy Sunday the heat was back. The show grounds were packed with by far the biggest turnout I have seen. This years event had the largest turnout of FSJ's ever as well. There were plenty of vendors selling all kinds of cool jeep parts and upgrades. The swap meet area was packed as well with something for every jeep lover.

Once again it was great seeing some of our readers and friends who stopped by to say hello at our tshirt sales tent. It's always great catching up with everyone and sharing jeep stories. We hope you enjoy our 16 pages of PA Jeep Show pics and stay tuned for even more pics from the show and some cool videos that Direct-A-Friend pictures took for us to.

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