1960 Willys Truck

283 engine
Original Transmission, Axle, Transfer Case,
All new break lines and break master cylinder,
and we have new drums and break pads, but haven't put them in yet- (they are yours)

Runs great - up to 55mph on freeway!

We bought it thinking it was a 61', and it's registered as a 61' but Willys America says it's really a 60' because of the split front window. My husband fell in love with it and had it shipped here from NY. When it arrived it didn't drive at all, we were told it did. So, he got it running and cleaned it up, but unfortunately doesn't have the time to restore it the way he hoped he could. We just had it looked at by a classic car company and they said that with the minimal rust and it being all original he thought with a little $$$ invested in a paint job it could sell for a huge amount because there are only 50 trucks of this style left.

Serial #5526855851


Call 925-216-5489
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