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I sold the 1986 CJ7. Thank you so much for your online publication. It was a successful sale.
Cindy T.
Thanks for having this web site. I liked your site as one could peruse other jeeps, age, condition, asking prices etc. Very easy to use.
Thanks, Mark

Sitting in Southern Oregon with limited exposure I had a 1991 Comanche that I knew was worth more than what I was offered locally. Within hours of listing the Jeep on Sellajeep we had a buyer out of Washington who had been looking for a long time for this very model. Since making the agreement to sell him the Jeep, I have had several inquires asking that I contact them in the event the sale does not go through. That is a lot of exposure I could not have created on my own. Who would have thought?
Thanks Mark, Ted Holman
Good afternoon Mark, buyer contacted me for buying the 1958 Jeep Willy's FC-150 please mark it SOLD! Really nice hooking up with your site. Big help for me. It was actually first and only inquiry I received. Buyer said no price haggling will pay the asking price.
Thank you! David K.

Hey Mark, I wanted to let you know that I sold my old 1964 Gladiator Truck to a guy in New Mexico from your ad. I had tried it for quite a while on Craigslist locally, but it wasn't until I posted it on SellAJeep that I really got any action. Thanks for your help. I wish I had known about your site this summer when I sold a mint 2000 Cherokee sport with 99K miles. I did OK, however If I had used your site I know I would have gotten more. Next time I will come back to you first with my next jeep.
Thanks again, Doug in Colorado
Thank You, I had an almost immediate response. The buyer is sending the payment and asked for the ad to be marked SOLD !
Thanks again, Don Boston
I received four (4) serious inquiries. I sold it to just the right person, too - a young lady with jeep love all over her.
Thank you again for your help. Rich Perry

I sold the FSJ for full price in just two hours after you posted it up.
Thanks Steve
Thank you Mark. The Jeep has been sold!! Good experience and would recommend.
Michael M
Thank you, Mark. The sale of Milo's Jeep was a direct result of the ad. We got about 8 inquiries total on the Jeep. We appreciate the SellAJeep free ad very much.
Thank you again, Mary G
We sold the 1976 red jeep Wagoneer, thank you for your help. It actually sold on the 3rd day.
Thanks again, Judd Adcock
Thank you for placing my Ad with SellAJeep for our 1974 Jeep J-10. We had her for 47 years and sold her yesterday to a great family in California.
Thank you again, John Eggen
IT SOLD!!! Thank you for all your help and I hope I am in the market for another one when I get situated in either Ohio or Michigan. Best wishes for a great 2021 and, again, I really appreciate your help. First Class experience with you and your company.
Best Regards, John
Hi Mark, My 1978 Wagoneer sold today, that was super fast!
Thank you so much! Fritz Adkinson
My Warn overdrive unit has sold. I got tons of inquiries from all over the country. Ended up selling the first day.
Thanks, August
Hi Mark, We just sold the Jeep. Glad we found your site! We are Jeep nuts, and will be visiting often.
Hi Mark, I'm excited to say the sale of my 1952 Willis Jeep Truck was directed from the ad posted on your website! It generated interest locally & abroad! The sale came from 12 hours driving time one way thanks to your website!!!
Thank you & Happy Holidays, Pamela
Your site is probably the best Jeep selling site I've seen. I've got a few friends in the local Jeep community and I've referred all of them to your site.
Landrin Long
Mark, I want to let you know that my Jeep CJ sold. Thanks for your help and thanks to SellAJeep!
The 1975 CJ5 jeep sold yesterday and is heading to Laredo, TX on Tuesday to the new owner! Sold for full price plus transportation costs.
Mark Hunter
Hello Mark, I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results we achieved from listing our Willys Jeep & M416 trailer with you. Thank you for all the help. It was sad to see her go but am sure it will be in good hands. The Fellow drove 750 miles to get here!
Thank you so much, Tim & Lori Powell
Hello Mark, our Jeep and the trailer both sold today at 4:30 pm. Thank you for all the help. It was sad to see her go but am sure it will be in good hands. The Fellow drove 750 miles to get here!
Tim & Lori Powell
Thank you Mark. Your site came recommended by several Jeep dealers and enthusiasts so I appreciate the service you provide.
Keep up the great work, Rob T
Thank you Mark, The Jeep sold today for the asking price. Your site was a great help.
Thanks again, Marty Sakamoto
Please cancel my ad for the 1974 Jeep CJ5 (nostalgia special). Your site worked and I sold it for very near the asking price. All the contacts that I received as a result of being listed on your site were actual potential buyers. This was certainly not the case with the other sites I listed on. They generated nothing but scammers. The Jeep was sold back into the US ; where I got it from several years ago from an ad on your site. I think the exchange rate helped with sale to the US.
Thanks John Theakston - Canada
Hello Mark, My Jeep is finally sold. Although I did list it with the more expensive sites, it was the ad on your site that brought in the right buyer. All I got from the other ads were scammers. SellAJeep ad was the only one that got results! It really is the best site for selling your Jeep! You can take my ad down now, and thank you for your great customer service.
Cheers, Tricia Luke
Mark, Please list my 1983 blue jeep scrambler SOLD at $22,100. (It is a featured ad) Autotrader was a waste of time for a specialty vehicle nothing but spammers. Craigslist was almost a waste of time, nothing but offers from lowballers ($13-$18k) I will surely list on your site again and will search it for my next jeep.

Thanks for running this great site for the jeep person - I need my tenth jeep!
Elvis Licul
Mark, I listed the Jeep for sale through Craigslist,, and using the "letgo" app. Craigslist produced the greatest volume of traffic, but also the greatest volume of nonsense and fruitless exchange. I received three inquiries through your medium and they were all serious inquiries. All three were previous jeep owners and knew exactly what they were looking for. A gentleman from a neighboring state drove to see my CJ and ultimately purchased based on the ad through
Thank you again, Brent
Hi, Mark, I sold the Jeep to a nice guy in California for close to my latest asking price. Thank you so much for helping me sell "Bucky." This is the second vehicle that you have helped me sell, and I have recommended the site to several people.
Signe and Gus
I sold my jeep to the third person that called for full price Excellent service THANKS!!!
Dan Cahill
Hi Mark, with your help sale was smooth Andy from NY buyer(good guy) his guys Egor/Mike that picked up jeep were really great.
Keep up good work, Best always
Tom H.
Hi Mark... I sold my 97 Wrangler, the ability to list my Jeep with details and pictures, plus the ease of posting my ad to my FaceBook timeline was great. Thanks for being a resource for the Jeep owner family!
Frank Ramage
After bumping his ad up to a Featured Ad here is what Roy had to say
"It sold very quickly and we are using Pay Safe Escrow. The buyer is in Canada. Very good deal and worth the bucks. Gave me my asking price."
Thanks again, Roy Hodak
Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know I have sold the capstan winch. I appreciate all you've done to make this happen.
Thanks again. Chris Jaen
Mark the Jeep we posted sold in 3 hrs Thanks a million!
Gary Clark
Mark, We sold our Jeep truck!!! Thank you for listing our truck, you guys were awesome and we had a number of phone calls. If you could, please remove the add, thanks again for the help, great website.
Chester M.
Mark, 79 J10 in camo with the roll bar and the amc360 with 401 crank. The truck has thankfully sold! Thanks so much for maintaining such a fantastic website this is truly a world class resource.
Regards, Joshua Franke
Hi, Mark, I am pleased to report that my beloved CJ7 Laredo has found a very good home with an enthusiast eager to restore her, which is exactly the type of buyer that I was hoping for and I have you and your site to thank for that! Really, I got several good leads from the listing on your site. Choosing between them was easy but it was certainly nice to have options.
Brett Sullivan
My Jeep is sold. Interestingly, I hadn't had one call or email since placing the ad (however it was a holiday timeframe), and then Saturday I got two inquiries back-to-back and a gal bought it from GA for her husband as a gift - nice story and he's a lucky guy. Shipping is being arranged now but I've been paid so consider it sold
Thank you very much!  Bob Sargent
Hello Mark. Sold my black 1961 Willys Overland in just a few days after posting pics with you.
Thanks, G. Hughes
Hey Mark, I sold the 79 Cherokee Chief. I have gotten so many calls on both jeeps from your site.
Thanks again. U rock!!   Drew
Thanks so much for your web site. Had great success selling my jeep. will use you again in the future.
Robert Mehrten
Mark, I sold my Jeep due to refreshing my add to the top last week. Your website works. It went to a good home!
Thank you! Rob
Your website is great. I've already sold my jeep. Please go ahead and pull the ad down and thanks for everything.
Regards, David Knox
Hey Mark, Just wanted to let you know, and thank top sold in three days and is on it's way to Idaho! Thanks again for a great website could never have contacted my buyer w/o you! sometime in the near future I'll be selling the seats I have for the Jeep and a set of tires.
Mark I wanted to alert you that my 1954 M38A1 is now sold. Thank you for the ad space provided through your site. Your site is by far the best I have seen, it sold quickly, received full asking price, and their was a great deal of interest on my jeep.
Thank you, Scott Waldenfels
My listing is for a 1959 Willys Jeep with a metal top please mark it sold. SellAJeep is an ad source I would recommend to a friend as a great resource to locate a Jeep to buy or list a Jeep for sale. I would also list with you again in the future to sell a Jeep.
John Phillips
Your website is great, I've already sold my jeep. I got a ton of hits from all over the country. I also posted it on Craiglist here locally and got less than 10 inquiries. But I got numerous hits daily from people on your site. Thanks for everything.
David Knox
The '46 Jeep has been sold. You can remove the ad at your convenience. I am still getting inquiries. Your ads do work. Thank you, Richard Kaufman
Hi Mark - I sold the Jeep last week for full asking price! Thanks for helping me do so.
Barney Sievers - 1942 Military Jeep
Mark my 1954 M38A1 army jeep sold today posted 7-29-12 thank you very much for helping me.
Ron Smith
Mark, I sold my jeep in four days thanks to your site! Please indicate it as sold. It was a post on 1/7/12. I will recommend your site to all and I will be keeping an eye for other jeeps. Thanks so much.
Troy Swinney

Hello Mark, On behalf of my Aunt Evelyn, myself and her family, I would like to "Thank You So Very Much" for posting my late Uncle Spence's, 1975 Jeep Cherokee Chief on your SELLAJEEP.COM web site. My Aunt Evelyn (88) was very sad to see it go, but at the same time relieved it was Sold to such a nice gentlemen that lives in Texas. He promised her that he would take good care of it. So with that she agreed to the sale. I just wanted you to know that it was your web site alone that had my phone ringing off the hook. I was happy to talk to so many interesting & interested people, but do to the Jeeps location, she only had 1 person come out to see it. But, that's all it took. The Jeep then sold it's self. Without your ad postings, it may have been impossible to sell it due to it's location. Your ad was able to target that one person willing to take the trip to see it.
Thank you again for all your help. is one AMAZING site.
Most Sincerely, W.M.
It is a pleasure doing business with you folks. Placing the add is straight forward and I admire your dedication to a particular interest group.
Sincerely, George Humphries
Thank you, Mark - You guys have been great to work with. You've certainly left a good impression on me.
After advertising on Craigslist for over two weeks without any luck here's what Chris had to say about his ad on our site....
Hello Mark, First of all thank you. Second the wagoneer sold within 2 hours of the posting. Sold at 11 pm. He was really quick, paid cash, and knew what he was doing and buying. Thank you soooooo much Mark!!!! The website really surprised me with how quick and easy this sale went. He called within 30 minutes or so, but it was sold 2 hours after. The amount of traffic going through the website definitely helped, holy COW!
Thank you MARK, Chris Halpin
Mark, we want to thank you for facilitating the sale of our Willys Jeeps and trailer. Both Jeeps were sold to very enthusiastic buyers from Washington State. They drove down and trailered their vehicles home. We highly recommend the use of your website to hone in on buyers that are as enthusiastic about jeeps as we are.
Thanks so much. - John and Kathy Wiebe
Mark, Please remove my add for the 1983 Cherokee 4dr, 401. Copper color - From Fremont Wi, Jeep is Sold - Going to Belguim!! How do I make a donation to your website as it helped me sell this vehicle.
Thank you for your service - Mike Wnek
The sale was a direct result of your ad. I got about 12 inquiries. A very good experience. I will rave about you guys. I sold the Kaizer to a guy in Australia. Thanks.
Eric L.
Mark, I want to let you know that I sold the Willys. Thank you for your help and good advice. The person who bought it was fairly close by. I'll also be making a donation. Again, thank you for the great site and service.
Best, Jeff
Thank you very much! I have already got some good leads on some parts and info I have much needed. You have the best Willys site thats out there!
Dave B.
Mark-yet another sale realized because of your website! I am having trouble keeping up with the many responses
Thanks again! Kurt
Great Web Site I get a better response here than ebay .. Keep up the good work
Joe Farrelly, So. California
My M715 jeep sold and has been delivered to Conneticut. I had 3 serious inquiries right away and a few more after I made the deal with the buyer.  Your site was great and I will look into the donation section in the near future.
Thank you very much. - Pat Peterson
Hey Mark .. Thank you & Thank You, Sold the Jeep - 1956 Engine Some guy grabbed it, $500 for a 50 year old engine .. is just fine with me.
Joseph Farrelly
Your web site ROCKS!! The jeep sold, thanks to you. I have recommended your sites to others that have called about the jeep.
Thank you so much! - Wanda Pruitt
Mark another great job please show our Grand Wagoneer Sold.
Thanks Daryl - Passing Lane Motors
You can officially mark mine SOLD, the guy sent a car carrier today to pick it up and it's on it's way to Knoxville TN.. Thanks again for everything and I will certainly tell all of my 4X4 friends about your site and hopefully when the economy turns around I can own another Jeep in my future!
Best Regards - Buddy Bundy
I sold the Willys thanks for listing it for me.
Thanks again and best wishes, Larry K.
I really like the fact that your site is Jeep only you get to your target market. Will recommend your site to others looking for Jeep stuff.
Thanks again, Garrett H.
We sold the Jeep more response than from Craigslist. We didn't get any weird scam types through your site like on Craigslist, which was nice. The new owner has a landscaping company in Baton Rouge, La. He is going to use it to service water pumps for irrigation systems and use in parades. He and his partner picked it up this past weekend. They just kept giggling with excitement when they saw it and couldn't wait to get home and start working on it. All their friends are envious. We are glad it will have a new life and will be appreciated. Thanks for your help. We will be sending a donation to your cause.
Dick Hudson and Shirley
Please mark the 1967 Jeep as sold. I can't thank you enough for providing an outlet to sell these things.
Mark...Thank you for your post it really helped put my Jeep out there.
update your site... so I don't get anymore phone calls, and emails.
Thanks again... you guys rock! I will buy another JEEP!
Ray Rueda
Wanted to let you know that I sold my Jeep, thanks for letting me know about this great site, I will pass the word about how well it worked for me.
Thank You,   Dan Grimes
I sold my 69 Jeepster thank you, your site is great. I look at Jeeps all the time on the internet and did not know about your site until I was on craigslist and saw a link to your site from a Jeep for sale. Now I check out your site all the time. The fact that it is free to list is why I choose your site and the way it is laid out is great. Thank you very much. I will be mailing a donation to you tomorrow.
Morgan Hobart

I Sold the 1962 Willys Jeep advertised with your website. I got immediate feedback and many inquiries. It's a much better way to sell a vehicle than craigslist because it markets directly to serious Jeep enthusiasts around the country.
Vilma Gregoropoulos
Your site ROCKS!!!! Really enjoy it.
Joe - M725
The ad received a tremendous response from all corners of the U.S. My buyer was from out of state, but bought after he saw it advertised on your site.
Thanks so much!   Darryl

The bed just sold, it went to Louisiana. Thanks! He saw the ad on your site and I have had two other inquiries that I had to turn down. He flew in to Spokane and drove 3 hours through wheat farm country to get to my house. He was amazed at how many old trucks we have sitting around this part of the country.

I have had a good experience with you and would recommend your site to anyone I know who is selling Jeeps. - 8' Gladiator bed excellent condition.
Mark, I wanted to thank you for listing my Gladiator diesel pickup truck twice on your site. It went to Alabama to live with a big Jeep fan from the South. I received lots of calls from interested parties and met a lot of nice Jeep fans in the process. I plan to list some more Jeeps for sale in the future - Thanks for all your help, Rick Riley
Thanks for your help Mark selling my 1966 Jeep Gladiator. P.S. Great site! - Cheers, Dan B.

I first would like to thank you for listing this item on your website. Your website has helped us sell the M715 at a reasonable price. We had numerous contacts about this item and we look forward to trying to sell some of the other army items we have in my late fathers estate. I will be contacting you again for sale of those items at a later date. At this time, could you please remove this item from your web site. Even today, as I wrap up the sale, I am getting calls on this item. Again, thank you and I look forward to dealing with you again soon. - Mark Clark
Thanks to you and your great website my Jeep J10 is SOLD! My buyer would more than likely not have been reached if it were not for your site, my Jeep is from central Washington and my buyer is from Queensland, Australia. J10's were never imported to the land of Oz and this one will be getting transformed to right hand drive and be one of the few or only ones in the land down under.
- Thanks again, Scott

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